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tv   [untitled]    August 26, 2012 5:30pm-6:00pm PDT

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become more extensive period of the letters have become more complex and the process has taken longer. >> when we first started this with presentations, dr. marshall and i were early in the commission, the backlog was significant. rear for years to complete an investigation. worst-case scenarios 14 months. the issue always has been the completion of the criminal investigation by the district attorney's office. that is a technical fang that slows the south. we like to close them out, too. does what the public expects.
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amato -- the numbers are lower and the timing is better. i am glad they are getting them to move forward. anything further? please call the next item. >> the director's report discussion and review of recent activities. >> director hicks, welcome back. >> is good to be back. thank you. we have no recent activities to report. i gave detailed reports last wednesday. and so will a report at future meetings. >> hope the next item. >> the commission president's report, the commissioners reports. >> i have two quick things to
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report on. i was able to see a marine unit in action. i was invited as a guest on a boat for the america's cup. i am not a sailor. but i was on a boat and it was interesting to see the marine unit out there. he looked really good. they are helping the coast guard patrol and it was very impressive. leo was approved and receiving boats and a commitment and i have to tell you, the first time i have seen the boats, it was very impressive i saw the sergeant out bear. and secondly, one of the issues we have been dealing with the want to bring to the commission's attention, the homicides we of the having, there has been some articles in the wall street journal about this issue how is affecting the entire country right now.
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i was with the chief of the press conference two weeks earlier where we met with the community. it was pretty incredible. i told one of the preachers i spoke to that my concern is that people doing the shootings are not showing up in church on sunday. they will need to get out there and talk to folks. our officers on the frontline are doing a good job. anything? >> and the chief is probably glad you are not in chicago. the article speaks about chicago, new orleans. it is a much bigger problem. i am glad that we're looking at it through jobs and community participation. the police department is not going to solve the problem.
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and it has to be the community with us. >> commission announcements and scheduling items identified for consideration at future commission meetings. there will be a police commission meeting, a special meeting this month at a location other than city hall. it will meet at the central district a key element 3 school community room on wednesday, august 29 at 6:00 p.m.. to hear comments from the public concerning public protections, issues in the central district. >> and the announcement of we have footlocker hour of night. we have moved.
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>> september 5 will be a dark schedule for us a september 12 we will be back in session. commissioner chan: a wanted to clarify that since we have had that in terms of the dates, the department's general orders the occ has prioritize, we are moving into 9-19-12. commissioner kingsley: i wonder if the inspector would go through what we have the special items coming up over the next month. if you have that readily available so we can get an idea. there have been a few items that come up over the last few weeks. it would be nice to see what the light out is. >> and the taser issues.
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we will go back. >> there is not an issue to report. [talking over each other] >> anything in the two following weeks? do we know where we will be at the end of the september community. >> of those matters were heating up. we will be in the central area that we like to be.
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>> it will be around here a sense of horror for some -- harrison or fulsom. rosa parks elementary. >> i think we should have our next meeting at that location if the inspector and the sergeant can make that arrangement. any public comment regarding home items? >> i have only one comment that
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i submitted earlier this year, [inaudible] i've never heard anything more about any of them. i would like to see a gregor -- a greater experience of the special police. a lot of major roles have been killed by a policeman the oven out on the street but they are in an office and doing paperwork that someone can do for $14 an hour. it is not that the special police do not do on their job, they do a great job. but they do it at a cost that is terrible. i have seen no expansion of the special police whatsoever over the past two years. they are not fully trained, i believe, as an officer. but they can take over a lot of
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mundane tasks in the city the police officers are doing right now. paperwork. the filing work. it puts a lot of these officers back on the street. i see no expansion of that whatsoever in terms of the city's budgetary problems and the problems associated with salaries and pensions associated with the police department. i have seen advertisements by the police officers association about the expansion had a great job they are doing. i agree that for the majority, they are doing a great job. the problem remains that in this commission, the police department has not learned how to control the expanding pension and salary situation. you can't expand the school much more than you are doing right now. the special police can help with
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that. some of these guys are college- educated and it is not like college-educated means smarter. a lot of the firms believe that if you have a background, you are trainable and teachable. you can learn faster and you have already proved it. i would like a discussion of why and how they can be implemented in various monday in tasks on the force where they don't have to use a lot of the extensive police powers of a normal officer. that is all i have to say. thank you very much. president mazzucco: any further public comment? public comment is now closed. there is a lot in the press, we don't normally do this, about the pension system. i will go on the record saying that we expect a lot of our
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officers. we put a lot of them -- we put a lot of mileage on them and we expect them to risk their lives 10 hours a day, sometimes five days a week. there are policy -- of the politicians and individuals that when strains on the commissions, that will not be acceptable. >> discussion and possible action to accept, reject, or take other action on a stipulated his position of disciplinary charges filed against officer taylor. >> thank you, good evening.
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>> mr. taylor, how are you? i will turn it over to commissioner kingsley. commissioner kingsley: good evening, mr. taylor. state your name for the record. >> [unintelligible] taylore. . >commissioner kingsley: thank you for being here this evening. when we had a conference regarding this case, we discussed the patrol special officer taylors objectives and goals were in the situation with in the specifications on this case. and we came out with some concerns to address with the concerned officer taylor. what had to do with his failure
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to pass the required mandatory firearms testing. and the other had to do with misleading answers to questions by the department. the patrol special officer taylor at that point indicated that he felt he should be entitled to another retesting because his wife had a serious car accident just prior to his last testing. with that as the backdrop, perhaps you can take it from there in terms of what we came up with. >> the department are arranged for the patrol special officer taylor to make attempts to qualify at the range.
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unfortunately, the patrol special officer taylor did not meet the minimum requirement for qualifying at the range to be able to carry a firearm as a patrol special officer. we prepared a letter by the chief indicating what the parameters were regarding this particular case that is patrol special officer taylor failed to qualify on july 20. he he would retire as effective immediately as of that date and this was an agreement that patrol special officer taylor agreed to verbally when we were on the conference call prior to the actual test. he signed off on this agreement and a copy has been provided to the office. with that, the department is requesting that mr. taylor is in the process of trying to either sell his -- and that is my
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understanding. he may need time to do that and the department has no objection to granting him time to sell his beat. commissioner kingsley: mr. taylor? i would like to comment? you have any words you would like to say? >> commissioner, i am of pay. i have been around for quite awhile. commissioner kingsley: a little closer to the microphones of everyone can hear him. >> i was a reserve officer for five years. no problem with patrol special. i am ok. but i had a little thing happen to me at the range. it is nowhere in the world where i can go back out there and
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qualified because i don't want to do it. and so i am leaving it up to the commission to make the decision which way i should go. commissioner kingsley: thank you, mr. taylor. i believe that that constitutes a resignation. it was that your understanding? that was what you signed off on in the letter that if you failed to pass this last firearm testing, that you were signing off on resignation effective that date? i believe that this point, we only have one issue in connection with the license to address, to address whether or
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not we need to, in fact, he set a date for the sale of the patrol special officer's license. i am not aware of any legal requirement in terms of timing. do you know whether we have a deadline that we have to comply with? >> there are no time constraints that i am aware of. commissioner kingsley: i know the you had intended to try to sell by the end of the year. >> if is at the end of the year, that is happy. i would be happy if i can tell at tomorrow. >> i don't mean to interrupt.
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what we have done in the past with patrol special cleats that are sold, we give you reasonable time to get the best price. i think what we will do is just calendar this to see where you're at with the sale and not give you have any hard and fast dates because it can sell tomorrow or it can take until the end of the year. we have given them a reasonable time so that another of and by the beach. i say that we take this matter off-calendar in light of the resignation. i want to thank you for your years of service. i have heard from many police officers about the hard work and everything you have done in the community. your truly one of the stars, so you are here tonight because of qualification that the range and i want you to walk out of here proud because you did a great
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job for this city in the commission. i want to thank you. anything you would like to add? >> i would echo the same thing. i think you are terrific and i am sorry you're having trouble with the qualification, but it is for your safety, too. >> will honor you for your service. thank you for taking care of us. we will put this on a calendar to see how the sale was going let's put it on for 90 days, if that is okay. >> may i say one word? if something happened and i can so within 90 days? >> that is just a day to see if you have sold it. >> it is just to report back. we want to put some time
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parameter are rounded so that somebody else has the opportunity to come forward to buy a, but please do your best and report back. >> i will. i will give it my best shot. >> any public comment regarding this matter? please call the next item. >> public comment on all matters pertaining to item when below. the closed session disciplinary cases including on the vote whether to hold the item in closed session. president mazzucco: any public comment on going to close a session? please call the next item. >> voete on t itemen in closed session. president mazzucco: all in
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favor? we are now in >> we are back in session. you have a quorum. president mazzucco: do we have a motion? >> motion to not disclose. president mazzucco: all in favor? line item number 12 is adjournment. we will adjourn in honor of robert taylor, and his many years of service. do i have a second? thank you,, commissioners. -- thank you, commissioners.
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>> i think it ae's public and private property. i'm against graffiti. >> who can get it out the most who can be noticed the most. >> i i've seen